Organic Fertilizer Production Line for 1000 Cows

Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery will provide detailed information for you to explain cow dung organic fertilizer produced by 1000 cows needs for which type organic fertilizer production line. First of all, we must understand the dairy cow dung production capacity per cow. Under normal circumstances, a cow produces 20 kilograms of cow dung per day, about 6 tons a year. 1000 cows, then, has an annual output of more than 6,000 tons of manure. According to the production capacity, it needs an organic fertilizer production line for 3000-5000 tons per year. Certainly, you can choose mini organic fertilizer production line for your cow dung organic fertilizer production.  Its production capacity is about 700kg/h to 1 t/h. Organic fertilizer production line such as organic fertilizer granulators, organic fertilizer dryers, drum sieves, belt conveyors, horizontal mixers, semi-wet material crusher, rotary drum crusher, rotary drum cooler, automatic packaging machine.

Let us look at the specific organic fertilizer equipment and cow dung organic fertilizer production process:

  1. Collect cow dung, and add hay and rotten silage to make composting. In the fermentation process, use the organic fertilizer compost windrow turner for cow dung full fermentation. Only timely and evenly to push to do this, it will ferment greatly. Excessively dry and humid will affect the quality of the fermentation.
  2. Mixing ingredients.

The ingredients are composted, and inorganic materials such as N, P, K and other raw materials are added and crushed, matched and mixed according to a certain proportion by material crusher and horizontal mixer.

  1. Granulation. Organic_fertilizer_production_line_副本
    The material is granulated using new type organic fertilizer granulator, which can reach to 90% granulation rate.
  2. Screening recovery system

The granules produced from the granulation system have a certain difference in particle size and need to be sieved. Selection of rotary drum screener requires small vibration, low noise, screen for convenience, and equipped with screen surface cleaning device.

It is recommended to provide automatic return system. Unqualified large or small particles , after the belt hoist transport out, rinse after crushing to the particle machine to continue granulation, helps to improve the continuous operation of the production line capacity.

  1. Organic fertilizer drying. The sieved particles needs to further remove the water so as to meet the organic fertilizer moisture content of the labeling requirements.
  2. Cooling. The pellet material is cooled with a rotary drum fertilizer cooler to help keep the particles stored.
  3.  Packaging. After cooling the particulate material, through the bucket elevator to the finished product warehouse. The granular material is quantitatively weighed and packaged by an automatic packing machine.

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How Many Types of Organic Fertilizer Production Line are There?

hydraulic compost turner3333_副本
Hydraulic Compost Mixer Turner

When comes to organic fertilizer production line, the first thing you need to take into consideration is fertilizer making machine. There are several types of organic fertilizer production line. It can be divided according to organic fertilizer production capacity.

1. 20,000 tons/year Pan Granulator Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Pan granulator bio-organic fertilizer production line could offer production of 20,000 tons/year. It is proven by our customers that the whole organic fertilizer production process is centralized controlled, and all equipped fertilizer machines are highly automatic and easier to operate. The whole bio fertilizer plant is designed based on advanced and mature technologies. The fermentation system (compost windrow turner) can simultaneously make the best use of solar energy, bio-energy, and mechanical energy, greatly saving energy. The packaging system is controlled by the computer, ensuring the precision of finished products packing. The pan granulator bio fertilizer production line is suitable for organic materials, such as livestock and poultry manure, dregs, papermaking sludge, and municipal solid waste.

2. 30,000 Tons/year Flat Die Granulator Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Flow Chart of 30,000 Tons Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant
Raw materials pre-crushing (high moisture fertilizer crusher) → Organic materials fermentation (groove type compost turner) → Fermented materials crushing (high moisture fertilizer crusher)→ Granulating (rotary drum granulator) → Drying (rotary drum dryer) → Cooling (rotary drum cooler) → Finished products screening (rotary drum sifting machine) → Sub-standard granules crushing (vertical fertilizer chain crusher) → Coating (rotary drum coating machine) → Finished products packing (automatic quantitative packager) → Storage (storing in a cool dryplace, tightly closed)

3. 50,000 Tons/year New Type Granulator Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The new type granulator production line is hot sales now, as it has a large annual output and is equipped with new type organic fertilizer granulator which is specially designed for organic fertilizer granulation, high efficiency & customized manufacture.The 50,000 tons bio organic fertilizer production plant is consisted of fermentation system, disc mixer, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum dryer, rotary cooler, rotary drum screening machine, storage bin, full automatic packaging machine, vertical crusher, and belt conveyor. Animal manure, SMW, and crop straw as raw materials of organic fertilizer,
The whole organic fertilizer manufacturing process consists of: materials crushing→fermentation→blending (mixing with other organic-inorganic materials, NPK≥4%, organic matter ≥30%)→granulation→packaging

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Organic Fertilizer Compost Windrow Turner|Self-propelled Compost Turner

Compost Windrow Turner|Self-propelled Compost Turner

What is Self Propelled Compost Turner?
The self propelled organic fertilizer compost turner is the main machine of the specialized complete equipment in the organic fertilizer production/plant. It adopts four wheel drive design which only need one person to drive and the operation is very easy. When the machine starts to work, it straddles the strip type compost heap and the rotary cutter shafts under the rack stir and mix the material. The operation can be completed not only in the open area but also in the workshop and greenhouse.
Self propelled compost turner makes full use of space. The turner’s body is flexible, simple and convenient to integral hoisting drum. It adopts the advanced engineering, mechanical transmission technology, makes no less between the energy conversion. The interrelationship between components can be both connected and adjusted separately. Under the condition of normal operation and more attention to the maintenance, the use of machine is zero fault.

What is Self Propelled Compost Turner Application and Characteristics?
1. Self propelled compost making machine can work in organic fertilizer production. Adopting modern technology, self propelled compost turner can make livestock manure and organic household waste convert into organic fertilizer with high quality. Self propelled compost turner is suitable for the model producing organic fertilizer in pile of raw material on ground in organic fertilizer production line/plant. This compost windrow turner has significant advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high work efficiency and large output.
2. Organic fertilizer raw material fermentation, piled on ground, needs to be shaped long windrow. These materials are turned and mixed, crusher by compost making machine. Organic matters are decomposing under aerobic conditions. Self propelled compost turner also can crush materials, which saves time and labor. Therefore, it significantly increases organic fertilizer production efficiency and product quality and greatly reduces the cost.
3. Bio organic fertilizer compost windrow turner is to turn animal manure, agricultural waste, sugar filter mud, sludge, garbage and other pollutants to green organic fertilizer by aerobic fermentation. Compost windrow turner turn and mix organic fertilizer raw materials evenly, such as livestock manure, sludge and microbial agents, straw powder, which creates a better environment for aerobic fermentation.
4. Using self propelled compost turner, raw materials can warm up in one day, deodorize within 3 to 5 hours, sterilize and make organic fertilizer in seven days. It is faster than using other composting machine and more efficient.

Technical Data of Self propelled Compost Turner
Width of the pile (mm): 2000-3000
Height of the pile(mm): 500-1600
Piles distance(m): 0.5-1
Work capacity(m³/h): 400-1500
Driving mode: 3 gear forward, 1 gear backward or crawler walking, spot steering

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Hydraulic Compost Turner|Windrow Compost Turner

hydraulic compost turner2222_副本
Hydraulic Compost Turner| Windrow Compost Turner

Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Hydraulic Compost Turner 
The hydraulic compost mixer machine is the professional machine for horse manure compost and other organic materials fermentation. It adopts advanced hydraulic operating system, pull rod power steering operation and crawler-type running mechanism. Such structure makes sure it offers strong power and easy operation for the compost turning of materials. This compost windrow turner can efficiently mix and stir the organic materials and meanwhile it can crush the caking of the materials so as to provide a good place for the zymophyte’s development and make the organic materials obtain a better fermentation. So it is the indispensable compost system for the harmless treatment of the livestock manure compost and organic fertilizer production.
The organic fertilizer compost turner, with low cost & high production efficiency, saves plenty of manpower and material resources. They aim at carrying out the harmless and recycling treatment of animal manure, agricultural waste, sludge and industrial organic waste. Thus, it is obviously an indispensable equipment in the organic fertilizer compost systems.
How does Hydraulic Compost Turner Work?
The hydraulic compost turner adopts crawler-type running mechanism. When the machine is working, it straddles above the strip-type material heap and the auger and stirring piece under the rack start to mix and stir the material. After the machine passes the heap and completes the turning and shifting, a new heap is formed. The operation of the hydraulic compost turner can be carried out not only at open area outdoor, but also in the workshop and greenhouse.
See Hydraulic Compost Turner| Windrow Compost Turner Work Video
What is Windrow Compost Turner Application?
The hydraulic fertilizer compost maker machine is mainly used for dealing with the fermentation of organic materials such as livestock manure, agricultural wastes, filtered mud in sugar refinery, sludge, household garbage and other pollutant.

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