Fertilizer Packaging Machine Safety Precautions

automatic fertilizer packaging machine
In an organic fertilizer production line or a compound fertilizer production line, fertilizer packaging process is the last step for the whole fertilizer production. You know, customers are willing to buy fertilizer with good appearance and sound packaging. Therefore, it is essential to make safety inspection and regular maintenance.

How to ensure the safety production?
1. Fertilizer packaging machine design safety
Fertilizer packaging machine design must conform to the idea of safe and reliability, reducing security risks that causes from unreasonable designs. Fertilizer packaging machine should adopt materials that comply with health and safety requirements, rational layout, small manufacturing precision error. What’s more, it cannot affect the personal safety.
2. Install security
When you install fertilizer packaging machine, you are supposed to minimize errors and ensure the accuracy of the installation without security risk
3. Usage safety
In the process of the machine working, it should be carried out in accordance with the instructions. As for those non-detachable parts, you should not touch casually. When the machine goes down, do not rush to treat it. You can inform manufacturers to do the correlated process. Be strict followed with the instructions for use of the rules.
4. Regular maintenance
It is necessary to do test and regular maintenance. In this way, you can find out anomalies in the operation of machinery and make timely judgments. It can reduce corporate losses and the machine can be repaired as soon as possible.
How to make regular maintenance?
1. You are supposed to do quantitative examination for all parts of the fertilizer packaging machine in order to avoid loosening.
2. Note the electrical part and ensure the condition of waterproofing, moisture, corrosion, electrical control box. Terminals need to be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.
3. Make the two sealing rollers in the open position to prevent scorching packaging materials.
4. Fill oil lubrication at each of the engaging gear dosing packaging machines, bearings and all moving parts. While filling lubrication, please be careful not to oil on the drive belts to prevent slipping lost cause transfer or belt aging damage.

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How to Produce Bio Organic Fertilizer with Chicken Manure?

Green organic fertilizer is based on chicken manure and straw raw materials, which is produced by organic fertilizer making machine using multidimensional complex enzyme. This enzyme is an eco-zymophyte agent composed of 106 kinds of beneficial microorganisms that can produce a variety of enzymes, including lactobacillus series, heat-resistant Bacillus group, bifidobacterium group, yeast and other groups. The bio organic fertilizer is non-toxic to humans and animals. It approves can nitrogen fixation, Phosphate and potassium dissolving. In addition, it decomposes fertilizer and chemical pesticide, thus it increases yield and quality for farming and aquaculture.

  1. Fertilizer making machine: you need a fertilizer mixer, a fertilizer plant for several square meters. If you want to produce commercial organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer granulator machine is necessary for your production.
  2. Organic fertilizer raw materials: Taking one ton of chicken manure as an example, you need one ton of chicken manure, 0.3 tons of straw powder, 5 kg cornmeal and 8 kg species.
  3. Organic fertilizer production process: mixing chicken manure, straw powder, cornmeal and strains→composting→granulation→drying and cooling→packaging

Firstly, mix the right amount of chicken manure and straw powder. How much straw powder you add is depended on water content. It usually needs 45% moisture. How to know the water content whether is proper? You can hold the materials in a ball. Water can be seeped from fingers but not dripping. When you open your hand, the ball can be scattered. Then add bacteria and cornmeal. The role of cornmeal is to increase the sugar for bacteria fermentation.

Secondly, add raw materials to fertilizer mixer for mixing in order to make materials uniform, leaving no green blocks.

The mixed ingredients are piled 1.5 meters wide and 0.8-1 meters long. Then turn it with compost mixer turner for fermentation.

Composting can heat up within one day and decomposition in 7 days. Specifically speaking, the temperature of composting can reach to 60 ℃ -80 ℃ in the first day, killing E. coli, eggs and other pests and diseases. In the next day, it can eliminate the smell of chicken manure. In the third day, compost becomes loose and dry covered with white mycelium. In the fourth day, it gives off a koji flavor. In the fifth to seventh day, fermentation is mature. Then the materials can be granulated into organic fertilizer pellets with fertilizer granulator machine.  (See more organic fertilizer production process)

Organic matter content in green organic fertilizer is more than 45%, which is a nutritionally complete organic fertilizer. If it is added in different elements, it will form vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, cotton and oil crops and other special fertilizer.

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