Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line|30,000 Tons/year Flat Die Granulator Production Line

30,000 tons per year flat die fertilizer granulating line
flat die organic fertilizer production line

Introduction to flat die organic fertilizer production line:

Organic fertilizer produced by flat die granulator production line of fertilizer machine will provide crops with comprehensive nutrition, as this production line has a wide raw materials application. This 30,000 T/Y organic fertilizer granulation line can further process biologic materials, wastes of animal or plant nature, or crop residues to eliminate poisonous and deleterious substance with available nutrient elements, such as organic acids, peptides, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium left.

Taking a chicken farm with 100,000 chickens as example, there are 6 tons solid chicken manure waste and 60 tons waste water being produced every day. If the chicken manure are improperly disposed, undigested organic matters will decompose foul-smelling gas, such as ammonia, vinyl alcohol, hydrogen sulfide, methane, dimethylamine etc., which is absolutely dangerous to humans’health. So, it is worth deep opening up the market-oriented value of chicken manure.

 Advantage of Flat Die Granulator Production Line
1.Turning Waste into Treasure
2. Large Profits with Small Investment
3.Changing the Status Quo of Imbalanced Fertilization


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