Organic Fertilizer Compost Windrow Turner|Self-propelled Compost Turner

Compost Windrow Turner|Self-propelled Compost Turner

What is Self Propelled Compost Turner?
The self propelled organic fertilizer compost turner is the main machine of the specialized complete equipment in the organic fertilizer production/plant. It adopts four wheel drive design which only need one person to drive and the operation is very easy. When the machine starts to work, it straddles the strip type compost heap and the rotary cutter shafts under the rack stir and mix the material. The operation can be completed not only in the open area but also in the workshop and greenhouse.
Self propelled compost turner makes full use of space. The turner’s body is flexible, simple and convenient to integral hoisting drum. It adopts the advanced engineering, mechanical transmission technology, makes no less between the energy conversion. The interrelationship between components can be both connected and adjusted separately. Under the condition of normal operation and more attention to the maintenance, the use of machine is zero fault.

What is Self Propelled Compost Turner Application and Characteristics?
1. Self propelled compost making machine can work in organic fertilizer production. Adopting modern technology, self propelled compost turner can make livestock manure and organic household waste convert into organic fertilizer with high quality. Self propelled compost turner is suitable for the model producing organic fertilizer in pile of raw material on ground in organic fertilizer production line/plant. This compost windrow turner has significant advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high work efficiency and large output.
2. Organic fertilizer raw material fermentation, piled on ground, needs to be shaped long windrow. These materials are turned and mixed, crusher by compost making machine. Organic matters are decomposing under aerobic conditions. Self propelled compost turner also can crush materials, which saves time and labor. Therefore, it significantly increases organic fertilizer production efficiency and product quality and greatly reduces the cost.
3. Bio organic fertilizer compost windrow turner is to turn animal manure, agricultural waste, sugar filter mud, sludge, garbage and other pollutants to green organic fertilizer by aerobic fermentation. Compost windrow turner turn and mix organic fertilizer raw materials evenly, such as livestock manure, sludge and microbial agents, straw powder, which creates a better environment for aerobic fermentation.
4. Using self propelled compost turner, raw materials can warm up in one day, deodorize within 3 to 5 hours, sterilize and make organic fertilizer in seven days. It is faster than using other composting machine and more efficient.

Technical Data of Self propelled Compost Turner
Width of the pile (mm): 2000-3000
Height of the pile(mm): 500-1600
Piles distance(m): 0.5-1
Work capacity(m³/h): 400-1500
Driving mode: 3 gear forward, 1 gear backward or crawler walking, spot steering

See Work Video of Self-propelled Compost Turner
1. Self-propelled Fertilizer Turner China Manufacturer-Steady Operation
2. Self-propelled Compost Turner is Shipping to Turkey




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