Why to Choose Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner for Animal Waste Treatment?

The development of animal husbandry can be supporting economic projects. There are plenty of farm, pasture and plant. It is a question about solving livestock manure. The animal waste is a good fertilizer for plant growth. Once use it directly without any treatment, it can produce environment and nutrient issues, such as odor, bacterial infection, slow fertilizer effect, etc. Therefore, we must make organic fertilizer by biological way. In the process of fermentation, the most extensive composting machine is groove type compost turner.
Adopting advanced technology, groove type compost turner makes animal waste in centralized processing. It is a machine that enables fecal treatment with groove structure. By way of a very special structure, it stirs and turns animal waste. Animal waste and crop straws are in incessant turning and composting, so it is a way of intensive management for the organic raw materials. And then it can be used for organic fertilizer production.
With special structure in turning machines, it has very high work efficiency, allowing staff to be able to manipulate the inter-operation. With intelligence system, it not only has the area of centralized control, but also achieves lift. The most important structure is that it adopts hydraulic technology with high precision.
1. The operation span of the Lane Turner is four to twelve meters and the fermentation period is about fifteen days.
2. The innovation point of this compost making machine is to take full advantage of underground space to design deep tank and adopt long-distance composting technology.
3. It has a compact structure and advanced technology.
4. The groove type compost turning processing of the fermentative material is under intelligentized auto-control.

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If any questions, please connect with fanwayfertilizermachinery@gmail.com. We will design the most suitable fertilizer production line for you.

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