How many kinds of compost turner there are?

As is known to all, compost windrow turner is used for organic fertilizer production line. It can shorten the fermentation of organic matters. What’s more, it enables decompose of raw materials. Generally speaking, there are four types of compost turners for your choice.

hydraulic compost turner3333_副本
hydraulic compost windrow turner

1. Hydraulic Compost Turner

Hydraulic compost turner is the organic fertilizer making machine for organic matters’ fermentation. Due to easy operation and safe design, it is favored by organic fertilizer manufacturer. It can ferment most of organic raw materials, such as horse manure, agricultural wastes, filtered mud in sugar refinery, sludge, household garbage and other pollutant.

self-propelled compost turner
Self propelled compost turner is one of popular organic compost machine.  It is designed by four wheels, so it is easy to go forward, go back or turn around. This compost turner machine is over the composting . Rotating spindle, installed below the machine, can turn and move the raw materials. After the working process, a new compost pile is formed. It can work in the workshop or open field outside.
groove type organic fertilizer windrow turner
This kind of compost windrow turner is the most suitable compost maker machine for aerobic fermentation.  Combined with groove type compost turner and hydraulic compost turner, it is more widely used in organic fertilizer production.  It is applied to animal manure, sludge and crop stalks, etc.
4. Double Helix Compost Turner
Double helix compost turners are used for making compost piles, fermenting and composting organic waste, such as animals & fowls manure, sludge waste, sugar filter mud, and straw sawdust etc.  This compost machine is widely used in organic fertilizer plant,  which is an important fertilizer machinery in the whole organic fertilizer production.

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